leryssa ([personal profile] leryssa) wrote2013-03-01 09:32 pm

Testing testing

I hate blank pages...

Lately I've been wanting to make art, and thinking about how I could make a living making art. The problem I have with that is, well, what for? (This is a recurring theme in my life, I'm always wondering what is the point of anything.) So I've been doing a bit of thinking about the point of art (with apologies to Oscar). From a personal perspective, then, because this is just brainstorming...

Art can be entertaining.

The most powerful arty moments I have... experienced? Idk, I did mention that this was a practise space, believe me I need the writing (and apparently spelling and also typing practise), whatever, have been about connection. The moments when you read or see or hear something and realise that holy shit, there's a living breathing person behind the art and this person gets it. You know, whatever it is.

Art, therefore, requires other people. An audience. (There's an interesting potential here, perhaps, about working for an audience *composed* of the Other. One for the Future Ideas scrapbook maybe, when I've done one hell of a lot of reading research. Anyhow.) Making connections.

I'm getting this down where I can read it later, because otherwise I'll forget what I was thinking. I'm coming to understand that recording stuff like this is important. Like hammering footholds into a mountain - if you don't do it, you have to retread the same territory over and over and get nowhere over time.

Maybe tomorrow I'll hunt down a few icons, make this journal a little more personal. Find some people to follow, figure out the crosspost to lj thing. Maybe.